Who we are

United Youth Journalists is an international initiative led by a group of youth from all over the world. Through the desire for peace, sustainability and reliable, impartial news sources, we have united together to write about issues happening in our respective nations to educate each other and the public about what is actually occurring in our region of the world. As passionate youth leaders in our communities, we provide a large spectrum of stories and perspectives to our audiences. The opinions expressed in our articles do not necessarily represent the views of the organization and we encourage our journalists to ensure that their opinions are supported by factual evidence.

UYJ-map updated

As an international network of journalists, we have youth reporters from more than 30 countries across the globe. From Cyprus to Brazil, Italy, Singapore, Canada and to Syria and beyond, we are reporting from our countries to you, wherever you may be.


We have been recognized for our work as the Media Initiative Award of the Year by the European Civic Forum and Volonteurope’s European Citizenship Awards.

Through our partnership with CanopyLAB, we developed and hosted two sessions of an online course, “Journalism for Youth”. We are also partnered with Online UWC and look forward to partnering with more organizations in the future.

If you like our work, please follow us on our social media outlets:

Facebook: United Youth Journalists

Twitter: @UYJournalists

Instagram: @unitedyouthjournalists

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