South America Members

isabella renataIsabella Renata, 15, Brazil – Recruiter

A Brazilian high school student who loves drawing and art stuff in general, and also likes astronomy. She’s in the autism spectrum and will talk a lot about ableism and feminism, and is very passionate about human rights, languages, crystals and gemstones, and things related to spirituality. Loves reading and learning about other cultures, and wants to travel the world someday and help make the world a better place to everyone.

luiz carlos.jpg

Luiz Carlos de França, 17, Brazil

Brazilian second year high school student, Luiz, is creative and interested in everything that involves philosophy, astronomy and processors. He wants to study computer  science in college. He also loves to talk about himself in the third person!

Luiz Miguel, 15, Brazil 

From Curitiba, a compulsive reader addicted to scientific books, Luiz likes to meet new people and learn about other cultures. Believing in journalism for social change, he hopes his writing can make an impact in the world.

LuanaLuana de Moraes, 15, Brazil

Also known as the cardigans girl, Luana is first and foremost a relentless curious. Enjoy observation (specially the astronomical), attentive listening and criticism free of hypocrisy, besides seclusion, reading, writing, meditation and brainstorm nights. Discusses politics and sustainability strategies with those who are prepared and has not a clear hobbies preference (maybe something among art practices and chemical experiments). Future activist and scientist.


Ariel Abonizio, 18, Brazil
Just another (ab) normal student that is fascinated by thousands of matters that have almost nothing to do with each other. This journalist has a hard time whenever he tries to describe himself and usually panic on a simple “who are you” question. At least he is very friendly and loves to meet new people. He strongly advices: if you want to know who he is for real, you should ask him out for a cup of coffee.


Arthur Romero da Veiga Martins, 17, Brazil
Always in the mood for a debate on almost any subject, Arthur is most passionate about politics, economics, and sustainability. His devotion to these topics fuelled his interest in Model United Nations, and led him to become the ultimate bookwork when it comes to your everyday public policy, or development economics book. Also loving of the arts, Arthur has been part of several musical theatre productions throughout the couple past years. He currently attends UWC Robert Bosch College, in Germany, where he gathers diverse perspectives on global problems and solutions to share with us here.

Juliana Bastos

Juliana Bastos, 17, Brazil

A young padawan from Rio, who is very passionate about discovering people and places. She craves new experiences and is always interested in only so many different activities and topics. She hopes her excitement over her writing can be felt by her readers.


Maria Rangel Peixoto Mesquita, 16, Brazil

Obsessed with politics, world history and math problems. Maria’s interests include: spoken poetry videos, Gilmore Girls and french fries. She truly believes in aliens and in the power of people to change the world for better.