Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of United Youth Journalists’ leaders who oversee the organization. Each director oversees a specific section of the organization but collaborate and work together to run the entirety of the organization smoothly. Should you have any inquiries, you may direct a message to a specific director in the Contact Us page.

Tiffany Lee, Canada – Editorial Director/Co-Founder

As United Youth Journalists’ resident motivator, Tiffany enthusiastically leads the journalistic work produced by the organization. She oversees all the supervisors within United Youth Journalists, who in turn, lead teams of journalists.


Nada Ladraa, Italy/Morocco – Publisher/Co-Founder

Nada works hard daily to ensure that all of the articles are published to perfection! She oversees all publications and leads the web and design team of United Youth Journalists.

Shaan Ghosh, India – Managing Editor

A skilled go-getter, Shaan goes above and beyond as United Youth Journalists’ Managing Editor. Shaan is the leader of the editing team and ensures all articles are ready to be published!


David Zuther, Germany – Director of Public Relations

Tweet, tweet! David is not only an active journalist, but is also our social media specialist. As director of public relations, he is the guy who tweets, emails and Facebooks, and works to promote the awesome work of United Youth Journalists!


Tatiana Carvalho, Portugal – Director of Marketing

United Youth Journalists does some pretty awesome stuff, so it only makes sense that we work to promote the great work that’s happening! Tatiana Carvalho works with assistant director, Dario, to bring United Youth Journalists to new readers and journalists. As she studies communication in university, she is sure to deliver some cool new things in the future!

dario.jpgDario Loncarevic, Italy/Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina – Assistant Director of Marketing

Working with Tatiana is Dario, our Assistant Director of Marketing! An enthusiastic new addition to the team, Dario will be working in collaboration with Tatiana to bring about some awesome campaigns and initiatives to United Youth Journalists.

NikosNikos-Pavlos Kotzias, Greece – Director of Human Resources

Applying to United Youth Journalists? Nikos is your guy. He is the director of human resources and leads the recruitment process along with his amazing team of recruiters. A brand new addition to the team, Nikos is working hard to bring in more awesome youth journalists into our team!


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