Our members

⌊South America⌉

Isabella Renata, 15, Brazil – Recruiter

A Brazilian high school student who loves drawing and art stuff in general, and also likes astronomy. She’s in the autism spectrum and will talk a lot about ableism and feminism, and is very passionate about human rights, languages, crystals and gemstones, and things related to spirituality. Loves reading and learning about other cultures, and wants to travel the world someday and help make the world a better place to everyone.


Luiz Carlos de França, 17, Brazil

Brazilian second year high school student, Luiz, is creative and interested in everything that involves philosophy, astronomy and processors. He wants to study computer  science in college. He also loves to talk about himself in the third person!


  Luiz Miguel, 15, Brazil – Supervisor

From Curitiba, a compulsive reader addicted to scientific books, Luiz likes to meet new people and learn about other cultures. Believing in journalism for social change, he hopes his writing can make an impact in the world.


Luana de Moraes, 15, Brazil

Also known as the cardigans girl, Luana is first and foremost a relentless curious. Enjoy observation (specially the astronomical), attentive listening and criticism free of hypocrisy, besides seclusion, reading, writing, meditation and brainstorm nights. Discusses politics and sustainability strategies with those who are prepared and has not a clear hobbies preference (maybe something among art practices and chemical experiments). Future activist and scientist.


Ariel Abonizio, 18, Brazil
Just another (ab) normal student that is fascinated by thousands of matters that have almost nothing to do with each other. This journalist has a hard time whenever he tries to describe himself and usually panic on a simple “who are you” question. At least he is very friendly and loves to meet new people. He strongly advices: if you want to know who he is for real, you should ask him out for a cup of coffee.


Isadora Pires Egler, Brazil

A young Brazilian writer who is extremely passionate about poetry, education and human rights. She believes that creativity and art are capable of changing the world by teaching people to see everything in different ways.

Arthur Romero da Veiga Martins, 17 – Brazil
Always in the mood for a debate on almost any subject, Arthur is most passionate about politics, economics, and sustainability. His devotion to these topics fuelled his interest in Model United Nations, and led him to become the ultimate bookwork when it comes to your everyday public policy, or development economics book. Also loving of the arts, Arthur has been part of several musical theatre productions throughout the couple past years. He currently attends UWC Robert Bosch College, in Germany, where he gathers diverse perspectives on global problems and solutions to share with us here.


Felipe Jurema, 17, Brazil
Brazilian and Nordestino, Felipe is passionate for politics and everything related to government. He believes that democracy is the best way to change people’s lives. He loves music and science fiction and hopes to one day publish his own stories. Meanwhile, he will continue to dream and fight for a world where everyone has a voice and a decent way of life.



Yasmine Lamrini, 16, Morocco

Passionate about danse, cinéma, french literature, human rights and biology, this girl is also a big admirer of the human mind and craves understanding all the things that are related to it. She likes to take an interest in everything that surrounds her, especially spiritual, social and cultural issues. The activity in which she delights herself the most is analyzing what she reads, hears, or sees.


Jinsu Elhance, 15, Kenya

An international personality, he believes that spreading the word about issues in foreign countries is one of the best ways to explore the world. With a strong passion for sustainable development and informing people on cultures from the far reaches of our magnificent Earth. Jinsu spends his free time designing tee shirts and playing video games. With a passion for coding computer software he believes that technology creates the perfect medium for sharing experiences.

North America


Tiffany Lee, 16, Canada – Editorial Director

Born and raised on the west coast, Tiffany is a first year student at the University of British Columbia who is passionate about United Youth Journalists, theatre, and helping others. Eager to pursue a wide variety of different interests, Tiffany is an avid volunteer, national public speaking gold medalist and works in the film and TV industry as an actor. When she isn’t in rehearsals or class, she enjoys getting involved in various school clubs, obsessing over Hamilton the Musical and painting her nails.


Cameron Yancy, 16, United States of America
A bit of a Marxist, a bit of a Freudian, but certainly not a liberal. In his life and in his writing, he searches for a new Politics of Truth, one able to break free from the fetters of mainstream ideology. An unashamed idealist, Cameron stands unequivocally opposed to cynicism and nihilism, whatever form they may take. He wants his readers to remember W.B. Yeats’ revolutionary words: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.


Emily Mittertreiner, 17, Canada

Passionate about sustainability, leadership, global issues, and LGBTQ+ rights, Emily takes every opportunity she can to make friends internationally, and one day hopes to travel the globe and be able to say she’s slept on a couch in every country. She enjoys MUN, Canadian politics, making music, and playing sports, and hopes that through activism and journalism, she can do her part to make this world of ours feel a little safer and more connected.


Areeb Asif, 15, Canada/Pakistan

A grade 11 student who is very passionate about international relations and foreign affairs, Areeb has been an active leader and participant in MUNs and Canadian politics as well as a contributor to various local and international projects. He is most passionate about human rights and loves learning about Asia.



Arsa Sota, 17, Albania – Recruiter/Editor

An ambitious Albanian high school student that dreams of making a difference in the world. She loves chemistry, biology, movies, books, music, running, football and animals. She is passionate about helping others, traveling the world and knowing more about other cultures.


Nikos Kotzias, 17, Greece – Director of Human Resources/Editor

This Greek boy of many obsessions and much more nonsense has always been interested in doing stuff his own way. He always tries to help others, understand the world and fight for what he truly believes in, all in a very uniquely hilarious way. Obsessions include, but not limited to: Tea, Japan, Food, Travelling and Languages. Interested in History, Global Relations and the Hypocrisy of modern States, this aspiring young lad wants to express his opinion on everything that surrounds him, while focusing on people, rather than stories.


Dario Loncarevic, 16, Italy/Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina – Assistant Director of Marketing
High school student and citizen of the European Union. Idealist, rational, highly critical, curious, practical and determined. Born and raised in Italy but with roots in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Loves dealing with politics, international affairs, foreign policy, human rights, journalism and economics. Believes in democracy and progress. Tries to make a positive impact on the world every day.


Will Turner, 17, United Kingdom – Editor

Will is an A-level English and Politics student from the north-east of England. Due to his bleak, pessimistic outlook on life he seeks to find the many cracks in the British political system, and tell anyone he can about them. Will is also frighteningly aware that the UK isn’t really the political maelstrom other countries are- it’s just a selection of shiny, privately educated automatons fighting over the 1%.


Emma Young, 17, Ireland – Recruiter

A 17 year old student from Ireland who is eternally disappointed that she is too tall to be a leprechaun. She spends her time listening to classical music, debating with herself and eating chocolate (where available)! Her dream is to work in a human rights organisation, while continuing to learn about different cultures and people around the world.


Jorge Loures, 19, Portugal

A communication sciences student fond of learning new languages and youth projects. Jorge started a 2 year journalistic investigation at 16 and made a successful amateur documentary. He shared his story several times on TV and made front page issue in a local newspaper. In the Summer of 2014, he was the Portuguese representative at BFTF Purdue University.


Kevin Long Noll, 16, Germany/China

A German student living near Stuttgart who is passionate about sports, politics, photography and traveling. He is half German and half Chinese, thus he can also speak Chinese and was raised to be tolerant, fair and openminded. Moreover he likes to discuss topics about the thinking of our future life and influence to it.


Nada Ladraa, 16, Italy/Morocco – Publisher/Co-founder/Supervisor/Recruiter

This Italian Moroccan girl always challenge herself and when she had the idea for this website she was eager to start! Trying to learn everything, she reads a lot (her favourite book is Anna Karenina), eats too much, does karate and kung fu and practices meditation. She is interested in political philosophy and global issues. She loves languages and  Art history.


Lidia Paladini, 16, Germany – Supervisor/Recruiter

This German resident with Italian roots is very passionate about making music, which makes up a big part of her life and helps her to calm my mind after an exhausting day. Hiking, looking at a sky full of stars and simply feeling connected to nature makes her happy from deep inside. Additionally tea, books, learning languages, philosophy and being dedicated and active are all things she couldn’t live without. She strongly believes that everyone can make a positive impact on the world and help to make it a better place, if only he tries hard enough.


Elena Vedovello, 16, Italy
A 16 year old student born and raised in Italy, who has a strong desire to travel the world, meet new people and experience new cultures. She can’t stay without something to do and her life philosophy is Carpe Diem. Her passions include languages (she speaks Italian, English and Spanish and she’s learning Polish, Ancient Greek and Latin), music, filming, writing, dancing, education and helping other people. She dreams of attending a UWC and working in the field of education somewhere in this wonderful world.


Iro Katsantoni, 18, Cyprus – Recruiter
Iro is a Cypriot 18 year old Law Student at the University of Manchester. When she isn’t obsessively catching up with global affairs and political disputes, she likes to read crime fiction books and cooking weird dishes. In the future, she would be interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy and international relations.


David Antonio Zuther, 16, Germany – Director of Public Relations/Editor

A German student with a passion for social activism and photography. He believes in the power of words and pictures to change the world rather than guns and bombs. He writes to describe injustice and hypocrisy in his country’s political and economic system. He is particularly interested in international affairs, foreign policy and globalization issues. After school, he wishes to become a photojournalist and to report from conflict areas


Julieta Barragan Sosa, 16, Spain/Uruguay – Recruiter

International Baccalaureate student, basketball coach and just recently, TEDx speaker. She’s known for her positivity and for being involved in any social activity she can set her eyes on, such as volunteering or this very blog. Don’t be surprised if she ever stops you in the middle of the street to ask you your story, as she loves getting to know the stories the people have to tell about their lives!


Tatiana Carvalho, 18, Portugal – Director of Marketing/Supervisor

As a Communication Studies student, she is deeply interested in and committed to various humanitarian and environmental affairs. In addition to getting A-Level results throughout middle and high school, she played the piano in two music conservatories for 6 years and played in several soccer, basketball and volleyball teams. She is proud to have been one of the Portuguese representatives at the 2011’s Euroscola. Her spare time is spent reading, writing and enjoying music and cinema, two of her greatest passions.


Carola Bertone, 17, Italy

A cheerful high school student keen on global issues, learning new languages and traveling the world (she dreams of visiting Cambodia). Interested in international politics and history, eager to work as a young journalist to talk about her country and to have met people with her same interests.


Claudia Estrella, 16, Spain – Recruiter

A 16 year old IB student from Spain who is in love with the world and life itself. Always holding a camera, she is very passionate about enviromentalism and ecojustice and human and animal rights. She adores music, traveling the world, meeting new open-minded and interesting people, sunsets and sunrises, the ocean, tea and languages (she speaks Spanish, English, French and she’s currently studying German). Her life motto is “Carpe Diem”. She enjoys every single day as if it were her last and she loves getting out of her comfort zone as well as living new experiences and learning about new cultures. She hasn’t lost hope for this world and she tries to make it a better place for everyone in her daily routine.


Phileas Dazeley-Gaist, 16, France/United Kingdom

A French-British student with a passion for Art, photography, politics, social sciences and economy. Minarchist, libertarian, strong debater and defender of his ideas as well as a Sceptic Agnostic. Phileas Also loves to design and create animations.

11652073_809789605808093_1745319265_nMelanie De Vincentiis, 17, Italy/USA
Melanie is an Italian/American girl who lives in Italy. She loves volleyball, learning languages, any kind of theater (she especially enjoys comedies and cheesy musicals), playing the piano, singing (maybe a bit too much) and writing songs. She wants to become a superhero, but since she hasn’t found any radioactive spiders yet she will probably get into International Affairs and work with children and their education.



Seth G. Dunn,16, United Kingdom – Editor

Residing in Nottingham in the English midlands, Seth is an avid reader, writer and photographer. Specializing in environmental and middle eastern topics, his enthusiasm for a better world is evident to all who know him.

Middle East

11261466_364914570369688_335129497_nAli Masoud Madadi, 17, Afghanistan

Ali Masoud Madadi is a student of 11th grade and is living in Kabul. Ali Masoud Madadi, as a member of United Youth Journalists, is focusing on social and cultural issues because he looks at culture as the base of a country’s development or backwardness and aims to provide global understanding and peace in his country and the world. He thinks the mutual understanding as a tool for providing peace and the best weapon to fight extremism. He likes Literature, Philosophy, Religious Conflicts and Economics and want to study Economics.


Orwa A. Mohammed, 18, Syria

An international student at UWC Maastricht and a workshop leader in the International Peace Conference and the TOK conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands. A writer, poet and an enthusiastic individual about international economics, politics and philosophy and planning to continue his university studies in Economics. Part of a local media agency called Poetae Lucis Media.


Yahya Mouhidden, 16, Palestine

“To be or not to be” is Yahya’s philosophy in life. For this reason, he has been a lecturer whose topics covered fields of natural sciences and human nature. He, as a Palestinian, never has doubt of struggling for a better future of his people. He lives for his dreams and will never fear of dying in trying to make dreams become a wonderful reality.


Ali Shahram Musavi, 18, Afghanistan

He loves soccer and he has been playing for more than 4 years; he is the captain of my team. He believes in helping his people, and never wait for the government to bring a change in his community instead he acts to be that change. He created the first club in his school in its more than 40 year history, which was a discussion and lecture club, he has been teaching English voluntarily for young children in an Education center in the last two years, and been a lecturer covering issues such as capacity building and conflict resolution. He loves traveling all over the world, blending with different cultures, and working/interacting with people who believe and think different from him. He is fascinated to Economics, Political sciences and International Relations to pursue at college and is looking forward to a peaceful world.


Abdullah Ayoub Hussein, 16, Iraq (Kurdistan)

He considers himself an extrovert. He loves making friends and meeting new people is always a pleasure for him! He laughs a lot. He talks a lot. He smiles a lot. He works hard for his goals. He loves and cares about nature so much and want people to do so. Right now he’s focusing on my studies but when he’s free he tries to read more about environmental sciences and biological fields. He also loves playing and watching soccer and tennis. He loves and reads a lot of novels. He also loves animals very much, and he truly loves cats. He likes hiking in the mountains, especially to experience the fresh air and see the beautiful views that cant be described with words.


Mehmet Yilmaz, Anonymous

Mehmet is 15 years old and Turkish. He is currently living somewhere in the Middle East and will be moving to Asia next year. He enjoys reading anything he can find, traveling and is an avid MUN-er. One of his favorite quotes is one by Dostoevsky; “While nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer, nothing is more difficult than to understand him.”


Abdulaziz Saado, 20, Syria

He loves reading, he is a permanently civilian community activist, a volunteer in darb organization which is working to build bridges of peace and raise awareness, He has team of twenty Syrians called ahlya mhalya – work in peace-building in the community

Asia and Pacific


Shaan Ghosh, 16, India– Managing Editor/Supervisor

A student, feminist, Bengali and British citizen, Shaan has been living in India since 2013 and uses the opportunity to share insights on the vast and diverse country. He loves to practise French, speak with others on any topic imaginable, and explore the enchanting city of Delhi. As its managing editor, Shaan is truly proud of UYJ and the solidarity it promotes.


Divya Maniar, 17, Singapore – Editor
A Singaporean high school student with passions for literature, physics and philosophy. She’s an avid reader and writer who’s fascinated by current affairs and politics. She’s got other interests too, namely: dance, food, yoga, MUN and, admittedly, obsessive television watching.


Monique Santoso, 16, Indonesia – Editor

An Indonesian student currently studying at UWC Dilijan, Armenia (Class of 2017). Her interests include debating, stock trading, graphic designing and reporting the current news. Having worked with multiple NGOs such as The Indonesian Youth Cancer Foundation and Teach for Armenia, she is passionate about teaching illiterate children how to read and write English and plan to create my own NGO in Indonesia in the near future to do so. She enjoys writing about the ever-changing world economy, education and sustainability. She plans to study English Literature or Chemistry in university and is extremely grateful to United Youth Journalists for giving her this opportunity to broaden her journalistic skills.


Ashley KiraNtan, 16, Singapore

A teenager who holds a penchant for cute fluffy unicorns and everything pink, Ashley is a typical youth struggling from an unhealthy obsession with social media and an eclectic mix of foods and cuisines from all four corners of the world (sushi, tacos, lasagna, pratas… you name it!). Besides enjoying engaging in intellectual banters with her peers, this loquacious girl relishes the power of knowledge and tries to keep up with global issues by devouring every morsel of news possible, ranging from feminist issues to socio-political affairs. In 2016, Ashley has adopted a new maxim, “carpe diem”, and wishes to let life make a masterpiece out of her so that she can rule the world in a tiara and fairy princess dress one day. Whoever forbade warriors from dressing in style too?

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