North America Members


Tiffany Lee, 18, Canada – Editorial Director

Born and raised on the west coast, Tiffany is a first year student at the University of British Columbia who is passionate about United Youth Journalists, theatre, and helping others. Eager to pursue a wide variety of different interests, Tiffany is an avid volunteer, national public speaking gold medalist and works in the film and TV industry as an actor. When she isn’t in rehearsals or class, she enjoys getting involved in various school clubs, obsessing over Hamilton the Musical and painting her nails.


Cameron Yancy, 16, United States of America
A bit of a Marxist, a bit of a Freudian, but certainly not a liberal. In his life and in his writing, he searches for a new Politics of Truth, one able to break free from the fetters of mainstream ideology. An unashamed idealist, Cameron stands unequivocally opposed to cynicism and nihilism, whatever form they may take. He wants his readers to remember W.B. Yeats’ revolutionary words: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.


Emily Mittertreiner, 17, Canada

Passionate about sustainability, leadership, global issues, and LGBTQ+ rights, Emily takes every opportunity she can to make friends internationally, and one day hopes to travel the globe and be able to say she’s slept on a couch in every country. She enjoys MUN, Canadian politics, making music, and playing sports, and hopes that through activism and journalism, she can do her part to make this world of ours feel a little safer and more connected.


Areeb Asif, 15, Canada/Pakistan

A grade 11 student who is very passionate about international relations and foreign affairs, Areeb has been an active leader and participant in MUNs and Canadian politics as well as a contributor to various local and international projects. He is most passionate about human rights and loves learning about Asia.

Kayla Zhu.jpg

Kayla Zhu, 16, Canada

Kayla is a 16-year old Lord of the Rings aficionado who enjoys throwing plastic frisbees, ascending up mountains, sleeping under the stars, watching documentaries on North Korea, theater production and in the most general sense, learning about the world around her. She is fascinated in a plethora of issues and ideas, from the minuscule idiosyncrasies in our society, culture and daily life to large global issues that resound through the world.


Erin Lee, 17, Canada

A Canadian with a compulsive reading and shawarma-eating problem. She dedicates her time to advocating youth and children’s rights. With a passion for History and foreign languages, she hopes to pursue a career in international relations by being a liaison between North America, South Korea and Japan.

Grace Masback.jpg

Grace Masback, 18, United States of America

Grace Masback, 18, aspires to give voice to the voiceless and holds the modest ambition of becoming the voice of Gen Z. She’s the founder of WANT, a news, sports, and entertainment website that aggregates the best in high school journalism from school papers and teen bloggers worldwide ( Grace writes for the Huffington Post and and consults on web strategy and content for School of Doodle. In her free time she loves to run, rock climb, and cook vegan food.


Nidal Morrison, 15, United States

A budding investigative reporter who loves languages, ethical hacking and studying international relations with an emphasis on the Middle East. She speaks very quickly in general, and usually can be found in the basement of her school’s library. This girl may not always be the life of the party, but if you hang out with her it’s always a unique experience!


Mila Passoff, 16, USA/Russia

An American-Russian student at UWC Thailand who grew up in China. She is passionate about dietetics, kinesiology, and food science. She also heavily invests herself in sustainable education, mindfulness, educating the homeless, climate change, and reading too many spy novels and research books. Her friends will never go a day without hearing her make a pun they won’t find amusing but she’ll find hilarious. She loves traveling the world, making lists, crossing things off those lists, mountain climbing, learning languages, and especially appreciating the beauty the sky can offer; day or night. She believes in hard work, being kind, and being the best version of yourself—even if you take a couple steps back before going forward.

Ellen Oscarr.png

Ellen Oscar, 17, USA

An unnecessary amount of squealing over dogs, having her nose stuffed in a book, and eating an insurmountable amount of pasta are only a few of Ellen’s favorite past-times. She loves to create, learn, and explore especially in areas of fashion, arts and culture, traveling, and media/design. Future aspirations include seeing every corner of the world, making a positive change, and what everyone wants, to be happy. To end, best said by Cinderella: have courage & be kind.