Europe Members


Arsa Sota, 17, Albania – Recruiter/Editor

An ambitious Albanian high school student that dreams of making a difference in the world. She loves chemistry, biology, movies, books, music, running, football and animals. She is passionate about helping others, traveling the world and knowing more about other cultures.


Nikos Kotzias, 19, Greece – Director of Human Resources/Editor

This Greek boy of many obsessions and much more nonsense has always been interested in doing stuff his own way. He always tries to help others, understand the world and fight for what he truly believes in, all in a very uniquely hilarious way. Obsessions include, but not limited to: Tea, Japan, Food, Travelling and Languages. Interested in History, Global Relations and the Hypocrisy of modern States, this aspiring young lad wants to express his opinion on everything that surrounds him, while focusing on people, rather than stories.


Dario Loncarevic, 17, Italy/Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina – Assistant Director of Marketing
High school student and citizen of the European Union. Idealist, rational, highly critical, curious, practical and determined. Born and raised in Italy but with roots in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Loves dealing with politics, international affairs, foreign policy, human rights, journalism and economics. Believes in democracy and progress. Tries to make a positive impact on the world every day.

will turner

Will Turner, 17, United Kingdom – Editor

Will is an A-level English and Politics student from the north-east of England. Due to his bleak, pessimistic outlook on life he seeks to find the many cracks in the British political system, and tell anyone he can about them. Will is also frighteningly aware that the UK isn’t really the political maelstrom other countries are- it’s just a selection of shiny, privately educated automatons fighting over the 1%.


Emma Young, 18, Ireland – Recruiter

A 17 year old student from Ireland who is eternally disappointed that she is too tall to be a leprechaun. She spends her time listening to classical music, debating with herself and eating chocolate (where available)! Her dream is to work in a human rights organisation, while continuing to learn about different cultures and people around the world.


Kevin Long Noll, 18, Germany/China

A German student living near Stuttgart who is passionate about sports, politics, photography and traveling. He is half German and half Chinese, thus he can also speak Chinese and was raised to be tolerant, fair and openminded. Moreover he likes to discuss topics about the thinking of our future life and influence to it.


Nada Ladraa, 17, Italy/Morocco – Publisher/Co-Founder

This Italian girl with Moroccan origins always challenge herself and when she had the idea for this website she was eager to start! Trying to learn everything, she reads a lot (her favourite book is Anna Karenina), eats too much, does karate and kung fu and practices meditation. She is interested in political philosophy and global issues.She loves languages and she plays the piano.


Lidia Paladini, 17, Germany – Supervisor/Recruiter

This German resident with Italian roots is very passionate about making music, which makes up a big part of her life and helps her to calm my mind after an exhausting day. Hiking, looking at a sky full of stars and simply feeling connected to nature makes her happy from deep inside. Additionally tea, books, learning languages, philosophy and being dedicated and active are all things she couldn’t live without. She strongly believes that everyone can make a positive impact on the world and help to make it a better place, if only he tries hard enough.


Elena Vedovello, 16, Italy
A 16 year old student born and raised in Italy, who has a strong desire to travel the world, meet new people and experience new cultures. She can’t stay without something to do and her life philosophy is Carpe Diem. Her passions include languages (she speaks Italian, English and Spanish and she’s learning Polish, Ancient Greek and Latin), music, filming, writing, dancing, education and helping other people. She dreams of attending a UWC and working in the field of education somewhere in this wonderful world.


Iro Katsantoni, 19, Cyprus – Recruiter
Iro is a Cypriot 18 year old Law Student at the University of Manchester. When she isn’t obsessively catching up with global affairs and political disputes, she likes to read crime fiction books and cooking weird dishes. In the future, she would be interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy and international relations.


David Antonio Zuther, 17, Germany – Director of Public Relations/Editor

A German student with a passion for social activism and photography. He believes in the power of words and pictures to change the world rather than guns and bombs. He writes to describe injustice and hypocrisy in his country’s political and economic system. He is particularly interested in international affairs, foreign policy and globalization issues. After school, he wishes to become a photojournalist and to report from conflict areas.


Julieta Barragan Sosa, 16, Spain/Uruguay – Recruiter

International Baccalaureate student, basketball coach and just recently, TEDx speaker. She’s known for her positivity and for being involved in any social activity she can set her eyes on, such as volunteering or this very blog. Don’t be surprised if she ever stops you in the middle of the street to ask you your story, as she loves getting to know the stories the people have to tell about their lives!


Tatiana Carvalho, 18, Portugal – Director of Marketing/Supervisor

As a Communication Studies student, she is deeply interested in and committed to various humanitarian and environmental affairs. In addition to getting A-Level results throughout middle and high school, she played the piano in two music conservatories for 6 years and played in several soccer, basketball and volleyball teams. She is proud to have been one of the Portuguese representatives at the 2011’s Euroscola. Her spare time is spent reading, writing and enjoying music and cinema, two of her greatest passions.


Carola Bertone, 19, Italy

A cheerful university student keen on global issues, learning new languages and traveling the world (she dreams of visiting Cambodia). Interested in international politics and history, eager to work as a young journalist to talk about her country and to have met people with her same interests.


Claudia Estrella, 18, Spain – Recruiter

An 18 year old university student who is in love with going on adventures. Always holding a camera, she is very passionate about climate change and meeting new open-minded and interesting people. She adores running, music, travelling the world, sunsets and sunrises, the ocean, tea and languages. She enjoys living new experiences and learning about new cultures, as well as helping others.


Melanie De Vincentiis, 17, Italy/USA
Melanie is an Italian/American girl who lives in Italy. She loves volleyball, learning languages, any kind of theater (she especially enjoys comedies and cheesy musicals), playing the piano, singing (maybe a bit too much) and writing songs. She wants to become a superhero, but since she hasn’t found any radioactive spiders yet she will probably get into International Affairs and work with children and their education.


Giulia Ceccarini-page-001

Giulia Ceccarini, 18, Italy

An Italian student passionate about Law, Justice and Politics, she loves writing and reporting events through rising her voice and giving her personal perspective. For the future, Giulia would like to give her contribution on the field of justice within her country, but she is also very keen on other cultures and perspectives. She loves reading, travelling and listening to music and she hopes to inspire other young students through her participation as a Youth Journalist.

anna dognini

Anna Dognini, 17, Italy

Anna Dogini holds a pencil and tries to fight indifference with the power of art. She loves books, music, cinema and believes that good food and love can make life better. Anna is interested in finding beauty in everything, whether it be landscape, stories, cultures or art and her curiosity inspires her work.

who is this 2

Máedóc Ellis, 18, Northern Ireland, UK

An 18 year old student from Northern Ireland, interested in politics and all the debates it brings. Concerned about the environment and long-term sustainability, Máedóc has a fondness for cats of all shapes and sizes. An avid reader of anything and everything, and filled with dreams of travelling the world to broaden his horizons before being shackled to a boring office job for the rest of his life.


Georgia-Taigeti Katakou, 17, Greece

A 17 year-old from Greece who loves musical theater and books, Georgia also plays the piano, dances and attempts/fails to learn as many languages as possible. Passionate about politics, even more passionate about good movies with significantly better soundtracks and always debating with her friends about whether capitalism is better that socialism, her two true loves are memes and tyropitakia (mini cheese pies). Her two favorite authors are none other than Herman Hesse and Terry Pratchett, literally spends half of her life reading books that are too big to fit in her school bag.  


Francesca Lanni, 17, Italy

Italian high school student, Francesca is passionate about music, science, art and human rights. She plays the piano and would like to travel more in order to meet new people and experience new cultures. She also loves reading and trying to learn as much as she can because she strongly believes in the power of education.


Alice Tolmatchova, 16, Germany/Russia/Israel

Grown up in Germany with a colorful mixture of the Israeli, Russian and German cultures and traditions, Alice developed her curiosity for politics, cultures and especially intercultural understanding. While in High School, she spends her time with things she loves, such as music, dancing and sports. She is very motivated to learn new languages. As an activist for human rights and for a sustainable future, she is sure that through journalism, the world will become more open minded and a better place for every human being. Her life motto is “Why not?” and she is sure that there is no right way to achieve her dreams.

sophia woodruff.jpg

Sophia Woodruff, 19, United Kingdom

An American Studies student at Swansea University in Wales, Sophia is an active member of her university’s Quidditch team and also Assistant Marketing Coordinator for QuidditchUK. Alongside Quidditch she enjoys poetry, reading and cooking. She is passionate about LGBT+ issues and  investigative journalism in history (she has a first edition of All The President’s Men which is her most prized possession). After attending Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership at UWC Pearson College, Canada, in 2015, she returned 2016 as an animator. She is hoping for a career in marketing and is excited for her third year of university to study abroad at an American university.


Sofia Barbeiro, 23, Portugal

Coming from Portugal, Sofia Barbeiro is currently living and working in Brussels, Belgium, after completing a Masters in Management. Passionate about the Environment and ecological behaviours, this is one of the topics she enjoys writing about. Other preferred areas include social entrepreneurship, humanitarian aid and solidarity. The challenges of living abroad she experienced so far also inspire her to write and share how it is like to embrace a different culture, language and habits.


Hanna Wdzieczak, 18, Poland

Polish high school student, passionate about global issues, literature, voluntary service and animals. She joined UYJ for her love to international youth initiatives which aim to bring awareness about world’s problems. In her free time she explores Asian Cinema, translates TED talks and listens to Serj Tankian.


Katharina Von Busch, 19, Germany

A very bubbly and curious German citizen who is interested in a great variety of topics, such as international politics, poetry, sociology, zoology and photography. Passionate about environmental protection, sustainability, social justice and human rights, she tries to improve the world at least a little bit every day and is not afraid of standing up for herself and especially other people around her. As an adventurous traveller, she already spent a part of her gap year in South Africa and is currently volunteering as an assistant teacher in Poland. She dreams of studying either Medicine, Environmental Studies or International Relations abroad.

hannah M.jpg

Hannah-Louisa Müschenborn, 18, Germany

An 18 year-old first-year student who adores chocolate and really wishes that people would care more about each other. Truly believes that there is a good side in everyone but sadly also accepts that some people just don’t care about their environment and other people. Interested in different cultures, countries and poltics and infatuated with the human mind. Hoping to make the world a better place. Always fights for what she believes in – and while doing so, reads a lot of books and articles and enjoys painting things and listening to music.


Sadbh O’Reilly, 21, Ireland/Australia/Singapore

Sadbh is a student at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Psychology and Politics and International Studies. Her interest in international affairs came from the fortunate opportunity live in several countries across the world, ranging from Singapore to Syria. In a spare time, she loves playing music, travelling, and reading a good book with a hot cup of tea!