Asia Members

Shaan Ghosh, 16, India– Managing Editor/Supervisor

A student, feminist, Bengali and British citizen, Shaan has been living in India since 2013 and uses the opportunity to share insights on the vast and diverse country. He loves to practise French, speak with others on any topic imaginable, and explore the enchanting city of Delhi. As its managing editor, Shaan is truly proud of UYJ and the solidarity it promotes.


Divya Maniar, 17, Singapore – Editor
A Singaporean high school student with passions for literature, physics and philosophy. She’s an avid reader and writer who’s fascinated by current affairs and politics. She’s got other interests too, namely: dance, food, yoga, MUN and, admittedly, obsessive television watching.


Ashley KiraNtan, 16, Singapore

A teenager who holds a penchant for cute fluffy unicorns and everything pink, Ashley is a typical youth struggling from an unhealthy obsession with social media and an eclectic mix of foods and cuisines from all four corners of the world (sushi, tacos, lasagna, pratas… you name it!). Besides enjoying engaging in intellectual banters with her peers, this loquacious girl relishes the power of knowledge and tries to keep up with global issues by devouring every morsel of news possible, ranging from feminist issues to socio-political affairs. In 2016, Ashley has adopted a new maxim, “carpe diem”, and wishes to let life make a masterpiece out of her so that she can rule the world in a tiara and fairy princess dress one day. Whoever forbade warriors from dressing in style too?

Dana Kurniawan

Dana Kurniawan, 16, Singapore – Supervisor

Dana is a high school student passionate about global politics, economics and international relations. An avid Model UN-er, she also appreciates spoken word poetry and loves a good political drama.

Kymberley Chu

Kymberley Chu, 16, Malaysia

A 16 year old Malaysian student living in Dubai, UAE, she is highly passionate about Model United Nations and global issues. In her free time, she enjoys reading, journaling, hiking, and photography. Also, Kymberley aspires to pursue international relations and business management in college.

eunbin lee

EunBin Lee, 17, Korea

A homeschooled student living in a small, but beautiful seaside town, three hours east of Seoul, the capital of Korea, EunBin loves spending time in a cafe by the sea reading books of Jane Austin. Meeting people, chatting with strangers, and asking questions about anything and everything. Passionate for everything involving education and politics, EunBin is currently studying Economics in university.


Paroma Mehta, 16, India

She’s a student who is a vegan feminist with a passion for writing and equality. She enjoys a wide variety of literature and has a deep interest in art and music as well as world politics. Paroma is searching for the ideal world and would be more than willing to help bring about necessary change.


Sangya Tiwari, 16, India

This dynamic young woman has a passion for reading, arts and computers. Being an ardent orator, she is interested in politics, economics and has won awards in many debates and  MUN conferences. She is also a dancer, singer and a songwriter. Moreover, she likes to spend time writing poems and stories. She is pursuing her further studies at UWC Maahindra.

Anika Venkatesh.jpg

Anika Venkatesh, 16, India

Anika is always up for a good debate or a discussion. She is passionate about justice and peace for Palestine; she is  opinionated and likes meeting new people but is bad at introductions. Anika loves to read, perform theatre, solve math and watch anime.


Neha Ahmed Ali, 16, Pakistan

Α Pakistani girl studying in China, Neha is a philomath, bibliophile and an ambivert with a happy go lucky attitude. She’s intellectually curious, motivated and determined. Being a curious person, she’s always thirsty for knowledge. Therefore, she reads a lot of books, researches, and listens to various TED talks. To enhance her education she frequently does online courses. Recently, her interest in sports has made her to learn squash. Therefore, she is a self-motivated academic achiever. Other than this she is passionate about writing and wants to make a difference in the world and contribute in making the world a better and a peaceful place.

Yuan Chen

Yuan Chen Zhen, 16, Singapore

When not reading literature or global affairs, this student from Singapore loves immersing herself in the world of film whenever she deems the escapism fits; Also being highly competitive and slightly concerned over the level of empathy she has for the protagonist of There Will Be Blood, she sees the expression of her opinions through writing and speech, and the scribing of stories that come by as an extension of herself, hence her participation in this organization.