Africa & Middle East Members

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Ali Masoud Madadi, 17, Afghanistan

Ali Masoud Madadi is a student of 11th grade and is living in Kabul. Ali Masoud Madadi, as a member of United Youth Journalists, is focusing on social and cultural issues because he looks at culture as the base of a country’s development or backwardness and aims to provide global understanding and peace in his country and the world. He thinks the mutual understanding as a tool for providing peace and the best weapon to fight extremism. He likes Literature, Philosophy, Religious Conflicts and Economics and wants to study Economics.


Yahya Mouhidden, 16, Palestine

Yahya is a Palestinian-Syrian who currently lives in Norway. He is hyper-interested in Mathematics and Physics and is also obsessed with history. He plays football and Taekwondo. You can also notice that he’s active in volunteering, MUN, and many other activities. This young man admires travelling and seeing the world through the lenses of different countries and cultures.


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Abdullah Ayoub Hussein, 18, Kurdistan

Abdullah Ayoub Hussein is 18 years old from Erbil/Iraq. He is an architectural engineering student and the founder and director of a local NGO in Iraq “Jawero Organization”. He does a lot of community service with local and international organizations as it is his passion and Abdullah plays tennis for fun.


Mehmet Yilmaz, Anonymous

Mehmet is 15 years old and Turkish. He is currently living somewhere in the Middle East and will be moving to Asia next year. He enjoys reading anything he can find, traveling and is an avid MUN-er. One of his favorite quotes is one by Dostoevsky; “While nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer, nothing is more difficult than to understand him.”



Ataullah Paykar, 19, Afghanistan

Born in Mazar-e-Sharif and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, now, he’s a high school student in Japan. Ata likes to read more about Middle East as he believes the politics there are complicated and corrupted; There are just so many things going on. Interested to know more about Asian cultures, some of his interests include cards, chess and photography.


Alaa Mahdi Kudaih, 16, Gaza, Palestine

Her favourite sports are running and swimming. She loves writing and photography. Also, she loves reading novels and make opinions about policy. Is known by the youngest photographer in Palestine


Eden Kagwiria Nyagah, 17, Kenya

Eden is a sanguine character who probably gets too excited for her own good and has an optimism that surpasses reality. (The world belongs to the dreamers you know!) Poetry, movies and writing are her escape and she is always geared up for an adventure.


Elif Nazli Hamutcu, 17, Turkey

A Turkish student born in Memphis, Tennessee who currently lives in Istanbul. She loves travelling and is eagerly awaiting to visit Antarctica to check off all seven continents. She is obsessed with European history (specifically with monarchies), enjoys public speaking, plays the piano, and can watch the same movie fifty times. A staunch feminist, her biggest concern is the lack of girls’ education and she hopes to one day work in the UN as a human rights lawyer.

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Yahia Albaghdadi, 18, Syria.

“There is more in us than we know” – Kurt Hahn. A quote I truly believe in, especially coming from Syria and growing up with conflicts going around me, I had to challenge myself and do things I didn’t know I was capable of doing. I was accepted to study the IB Curriculum at United World Colleges Dilijan (UWC). I speak Arabic, English and studying Spanish in the meantime. I was accepted to attend and participate in Ted talks in Damascus. I also volunteered with many NGo’s to help refugees coming to Damascus. I love traveling and exploring the world and meeting new people, as I believe that we can learn something new from every individual we meet. I’m also very passionate about politics, psychology and economics.