Advice To Young Social  Entrepreneurs – Yahya Muhyiddin, Palestine 


Let me start by expressing my gratitude towards being a millennial, a member of a unique generation that believes in its ability to make a deep, positive change in the world. We millennials were born into a world so different from the one which our parents and grandparents were born into. However, despite the mind-blowing technological leaps we have witnessed during our time, we are still constantly challenged by wars, natural disasters, and cultural misunderstandings. These challenges, from the heartbreaking war in Syria and the Middle East to the rise of Donald Trump and far right-wing politics in the West, will undoubtedly force our generation to act and do something about them. Whatever we do today is going to shape the world for many generations ahead.  

We, as a generation, have created initiatives and launched projects in response to the suffering and inequality we see in the world around us. While many of these initiatives have flourished and succeeded beyond measure, others could not reach the audience they had aimed to serve. One of the main reasons why many initiatives fail is because the world pressures us to do so much, but enables us to do so little. So, we end up creating a huge and unprecedented number of initiatives that are based on genius ideas, but sadly lack support from others.

While we need both quantity and quality in an ever-changing world, we may need to put more emphasis on the quality aspect. A single project that helps many is preferred to a thousand ones that only manage to reach a few. However, that does not necessarily mean we should have fewer initiatives or projects. Contrarily, we need to create several projects while at the same time ensuring high quality and engagement.

Sustaining a high quality project requires, first and foremost, a wide range of enthusiastic people who are committed and willing to work on it. Fortunately, the world is full of young millennials eager to help. Start with your friends and relatives, and, with the help of social media sites like Facebook, gradually expand your network to reach people even outside your country. While finding people interested in helping might not be that difficult, convincing them to work with you as a team is a whole different story – you need a solid idea and a concrete scheme of work. Success will be out of sight if you and the rest of your team do not invest a lot of your time in your project. Remember, quality in social initiatives must always be emphasized upon.

Once you have assembled a team of amazing people to help with your project, you obviously need funding. Unfortunately, funding can be pretty hard to acquire. Therefore, one should work as hard as they can to develop their idea in order to ensure that his or her project is efficient and sustainable enough to be worthy of funding. A mere idea will not benefit society, but the making this idea a reality certainly will. Therefore, funding of great importance to ensure the success of any social project. Here again, quality matters, and it matters a lot.

In conclusion, our overall aim is to serve the largest number of people with the best quality possible. We need to continue creating many social projects but also maintain high standards. Doing so will certainly enable us to create many successful social initiatives that will have a lasting impact on the lives of many.

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