Announcement: Journalism for Youth Course

We are ecstatic to announce that we will once again be hosting JOURNALISM FOR YOUTH with our friends at CanopyLAB. “Journalism for Youth” is a free online course taught by youth journalists, for youth journalists. Any youth can enrol in the course! The course lasts 5 weeks, beginning April 25th and running until the end of May. Typically, it requires a commitment of 3-5 hours weekly, to complete readings, lectures, group discussions and homework. On Mondays, a guest lecturer will speak to us and answer questions live (it will be recorded so don’t worry if you miss this!) and on Wednesdays, you will meet in a small group with a mentor from UYJ for our favourite part of the week, Activity Hour. Interested in journalism? Want to sharpen your writing skills? Considering joining United Youth Journalists? This class is a perfect opportunity for any youth looking to learn more.
Enroll now! 

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