We are now accepting article submissions!

Interested in writing for United Youth Journalists? We have a brand new option for those of you interested in joining our mission here at UYJ: you can now submit articles for us to publish!

This is a great option for those of you who cannot commit to writing for United Youth Journalists regularly, but still have an important issue that you’d like to write about. If this is something you’d like to do, please follow these instructions:

  1. Write your article! Please ensure that your article includes a title, your name and country, images and sources.
  2. For every image you include in the article, please provide the image in a separate file (.jpg, .jpeg, etc) or provide us the image web links. Please also note the source of the image. For example, if you took the image from Reuters, please note that the image is from Reuters. If you took the image yourself, great! Just let us know!
  3. Once you have written your article and included all the above, it’s ready to submit! Please send the article to our email, uyjofficial@gmail.com. Submit your email under the subject title “Submission”.
  4. In your email submission, please also include a two sentence description of who you are! Our readers like to get to know the journalists behind the articles. For examples of what this looks like, check out our members page. This description will be included at the end of the article. If you do not want to include description, that is totally fine!
  5. We will confirm receiving your article, and contact you again later if we decide to publish your article. Before your article is published, our editors will edit the article first. We will keep you updated on your article’s progress!
  6. If you want to write an article for us, but want to write under a pseudonym, please let us know. You can create a pen name, or write under “Anonymous”. If you write under a pseudonym, we would still like to know which country you are from, but the description of who you are is optional.

Please note that submitting your article is not a guarantee of publishing. United Youth Journalists has the right to say no if the article does not meet our standards or is a topic that has already been covered. If your article is rejected due to low quality, we will send you feedback, in case you choose to improve it and send it back to us!

If you would like to become a United Youth Journalists member, applications are still open! Apply here!

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