Expo: the food revolution – Carola Bertone, Italy

Expo 2015 is a universal exposition, taking place in Milan, Italy.


Held under the theme feeding the planet, energy for life, it is 184 days of discoveries where participants from all over the world will talk about the problems of nutrition and the resources of our planet.

More than 20 million tourists are expected and this exposition can have a big impact both in the economic recovery of the country or in causing us to think about our actions differently. The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi says that this is a great occasion to make the country revive again and to make food problems come to light.

Claudia Sorlini, head of the Scientific Committee of Expo, says that there is a lack of balance between food distribution and sustainable production, although it is needed. Regarding this subject, the nine cluster will be involved, one of which is rice, a staple food source for nearly half of the worldwide population and essential for those who are in extreme poverty. The demand for rice is increasing and as a result, in 2020, the amount of rice being produced will not be able to provide for everyone. A miracle is presented by the SRI, System of Rice Intensification. This was first developed in 1983 from a French agronomist, Henry de Laulanié, who, while observing farmers in Madagascar, developed a methodology aimed to increase the production of rice with less water, seeds and fertilizers. It has had good results, but has received many critics due to its applicability in the past decades, researchers and scientists keep saying that the key of to all of this is to invest. The International Rice Research Institute believes that the new rice revolution will come from the study of new genetic varieties that resist drought and hot. Related to current food problems is biotechnology; its potential benefits are enormous. Food producers can use it in order to produce new products with desirable characteristics such as disease and drought-resistant plants, leaner meat and enhanced flavor and nutritional quality of foods. Investors looking for deals, have found here their heaven.

Since 2012, start-ups in food and beverage sector have found an increase of 39% in investments.

What’s more, the Future food Institute of Bologna launched its first master in Food Innovation with just two university partners worldwide.This is just a brief description of what will be discussed there; more than 7 million tickets have been sold so far and everything will be ready for the opening in May.

What are you waiting for? Expo 2015 is worth the visit.

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