In the past days, we have reached a significant number of likes on Facebook and we have simply been astounded. We haven’t even posted anything, yet we have received so much support. As a result, we felt the need to explain who we are and what our purpose is.

As you have probably realized, we are not professional journalists. We are an international network of 40 students between the ages of 14 to 21 years old living normal lives in different countries and realities. However, even with the differences among us, we share the desire for understanding between nations and realize the importance of reliable information flowing between them.

We will not be posting news. We haven’t got anything to offer that isn’t already covered by mainstream media, however, we believe that our initiative can bring more to the table. Our work will mainly consist of articles that talk about unknown issues and perspectives of our countries, and explain them in a way that no mainstream media outlet can accomplish.  Through local reporting, unique interviews and the discussion of issues in our respective nations that may not be known in the international community, we can provide you, our audience, a more complex understanding. We are your eyes. You’ll see what we see, what we feel, what we think. Although we will try to give you the most impartial view as possible, this work cannot be completely objective. It will be up to you to judge the validity of our articles. We all feel that United Youth Journalists will be unique in its genre and truly useful to those who are trying to understand foreign news and non-elaborate sources such as Wikipedia. We feel that we will be able post some very interesting articles, as our aim for creating UYJ is to give you another source and opportunity to truly understand other nations.

This genre of journalism is currently not very developed, however, you can trust us when we say that what we are doing is a new, fresh idea, and we believe that it will be successful. During this past week, we have been preparing; generating articles, discussing issues, choosing editors and establishing a necessary infrastructure within our initiative. What really impressed us was that many of those who heard about this project wanted to take part in our initiative, and we received tremendous support.

As a result, we have done some serious thinking about our role in the information field. The structure of mass information has significantly changed in the past five or six decades. Nowadays, people can reach a large number of people through the internet, while fifty years ago it was big news agencies and television channels determining what would be the truth and communicating this to everyone within a nation. Globalization has allowed us to communicate with people on opposite sides of the world, and today, even the toughest censorship policy can’t stop its citizens from spreading information through the internet.

We have found ourselves an opportunity; one to finally see humanity unite on a greater level in which we can shorten the distances between cultures and societies.

We can create a new world; a world of mutual understanding and caring, a world where censorship and oppression do not exist.


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